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What Is A Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Or Super Treasure Hunt?

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2019 too! The info in this video is valid through 2019 as well. The focus of this video is to help you understand what is a Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt and what is a Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt. This is the current information for 2012-2019. If it continues into 2020, I will update this text. Expand this for lots of info!

Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts are what the collector world would understand to be chase pieces. They are produced in lower quantities that regular cars. They only appear in a 4-week production cycle and do not appear in later assortments. They are NOT in every case and if they are, there will only be one. Now there could be one super AND one basic but there won't be two basics and/or two Supers.

A little history first. From 1995 through 2006, there were 12 Treasure Hunts each year. They were indicated by a green-stripe on the card and "Treasure Hunt", "T-Hunt", "TH", or a Treasure Hunt icon on the package. About each month, a new Treasure Hunt would be in the mix. During this period, the Hunt did not specifically have to have rubber tires (known as Real Riders). Most did but some did not. The Blimp didn't even have wheels LOL

2007 was the first year that Mattel started with Super Treasure Hunts. From 2007 to 2010, there were 12 Basic Treasure Hunts and 12 Super Treasure Hunts. The green stripe banner continued. The basic and the Super would be the same model but the Super would have rubber tires, special paint.

In 2011, Mattel increased Treasure Hunts to 15 per year. 15 basics, 15 Supers. Green stripes continued as well as the plastic tire VS rubber tire distinction.

2012. Mattel decided to change the program a bit. They still had 15 basics but the 15 Supers were not the same models as the basics. They were Superized versions of one of the basic cars. In other words, Collector #110 was the '67 Chevelle SS 396 from the Muscle Mania series. The Superized version, known as the Super Treasure Hunt, was still Collector #110 but the model had Spectraflame paint, rubber Real Rider tires, deco's or stripes on the top-side of the model which the basic did not, "Treasure Hunt" on the rear fender and "TH" on the front fender.

2013. Mattel finally retires the green stripe. It was too easy for people to just pick them off of the pegs or out of the case because people only looked for the green stripe. For basic Hunts, the new indicator was a Circle-Flame logo. Mattel has used this logo before so don't be fooled into thinking that any model with the circle-flame logo is a Treasure Hunt. This only applies to 2013-2015 (and possibly beyond). Supers continued. So far, they always have Real Rider rubber tires and special paint. They almost always have a TH tampo and stripes on the topside of the model.

For Basic Treasure Hunts, 2013-15, on USA packages, behind the car, in the blister, it will usually state "This symbol on the vehicle let's you know it is hard to find and highly collectable". That text is not available on World-Wide or International packages.

2014 Super Treasure Hunts followed the same program as 2013.
2015 Super Treasure Hunts followed the same program as 2013-14.

In this video, these cars made an appearance:
'57 T-bird, 1995 Treasure Hunt (TH)
'37 Bugatti, 1996 TH
Mega Thrust, 2007 TH, Basic and Super
'52 Chevy, 2012 TH
'92 Ford Mustang, 2012 TH
Ferrari 430 Scuderia. 2012 TH
'69 Camaro (Convertible), 2012 Super TH
'69 Camaro (Convertible), 2012 Collector #108 regular
'67 Chevelle SS 396, 2012 Super TH
'67 Chevelle SS 396, 2012 regular issue Coll #110
Ferrari 599XX, 2012 Super TH
Ferrari 599XX, 2012 Coll #125, regular issue.
Toyota 2000 GT, 2013 Super TH
Toyota 2000 GT, 2013 Coll #176 regular issue
'73 Ford Falcon XB, 2013 Super TH
'55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser, 2014 SH
'55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser, 2014 Coll #241 regular issue
1971 Mustang Mach 1, 2014 Super TH
1971 Mustang Mach 1, 2014 Coll #94, regular issue
Fast Fish, 2013 Basic TH
'12 Ford Fiesta, 2013 Basic TH
Night Burner, 2014 Basic TH
Fangster, 2014 Basic TH
Loop Coupe, 2014 Basic TH
Custom '77 Dodge Van, 2008 Coll #007, NOT a Hunt!
'11 Dodge Charger R/T, 2012 Super TH
'11 Dodge Charger R/T, 2012 Coll #161

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