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We head to Circuit of the Americas F1 for Super Lap Battle/Lone Star Drift Demo

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Lone Star Drift was invited to head over to Circuit of the Americas for a drift demo by Super Lap Battle / Global Time Attack. We obviously couldn't say no to this, even if it is just on the skid pad. Being in the middle of a world class racing facility is simply awe inspiring. This is actually the second time we went drifting here, and it is fun doing stuff in different cities across Austin. I think I have hosted a total of about 10 events in the city, over the course of more than 10 years. It is crazy to see how different the city is in that time frame, and how different Lone Star Drift has become! This is also a Vlog style video if you haven't noticed, I have challenged myself to create a video a day for as long as I can do it to both increase the traffic on the channel, and basically kill myself. It is way harder than you realize, as I often have to do everything I normally do in a day, but stay up till 4 am doing this trying to get it done. My normal videos can take way more than 40 hours of editing sometimes, and this new format forces me to try and edit them in under an hour, and just shoot them as I normally go through my day.

But anyways, this video has us preparing to put on a drift event at a world class facility meant for F1 cars and their crews, and it is wild to see how different the facility is from normal drift tracks. For instance, the place reportedly cost 400 million dollars to build!!!! That is MIND BLOWING lol. I cannot even fathom that.

Anyways, a few highlights of this video are looking at a super baller IS300 street shark race car thing, an AE86 time attack car, a turbo Honda Prelude time attack car, and tons of other neat stuff. A big turbo G35 time attack car, GTR in a bunch of flavors and generations, Type R Civics and Integras, and on and on. I got super exciting seeing a Honda Cub as well lol. I normally just see silly drift cars like Fielding's 240sx s14 with the giant turbo 2JZ and all the body panels falling off.

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