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Vengeance Racing - WGF Ocala, FL Half Mile - January 2018

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WannaGOFAST Ocala ½ mile is in the books. What an amazing weekend!!! As always Blake Layla and their entire staff were on point and put together a great event without issue. Vengeance Racing was fortunate enough to support EIGHTEEN of our clients from all over the country!!! The weather was beautiful with mid 60* temperatures on Saturday and a bit warmer on Sunday in the mid 70s. Traction was a bit limited as is the norm in Ocala, but the warmer temps did help a bit.

Highlights include Eddie Blackwell SHATTERING the Naturally Aspirated LS World Record running 194.29mph ALL MOTOR!!! Eddie has missed the past two races while his Vengeance built C5 Z06 went under the knife for a bit of weight reduction and a new engine management system. BIG thanks to Professional EFI Systems Inc. Driven Collision, LLC and McCleod Clutches for their support. The car performed flawlessly all weekend. First pass off the trailer was a 191.8 which was enough to break the current world record of 191.4…. Eddie went on to run 193.2/193.8/194.29. We are excited to see what 2018 has in store and have our sights on a 200+ mph pass ALL MOTOR!!! Thank you Eddie Blackwell for the opportunity to build and maintain this INCREDIBLE machine!!!

Enrique Patrick Lopez secured the Gen III CTSV World Record running 162mph in his Vengeance built Cadillac. This was Enrique’s first event with his new modifications and he got faster with every pass. Unfortunately traction was not on his side with the instant torque of the Whipple Superchargers, but we plan on bolting on some WELD Racing RTS 17” rears to help with this prior to the next event.

VR Racer Results

Norm Mcclung ran a best of 189.3mph with his 427 LSX/Procharger F1X C5 Z06

Slavko Puzic Krajisnik C6 Z06 ran a best of 185mph with his 427 LSX/Procharger F1X C6 Z06

Joe Miceli ran a best of 167mph (on waste gates) with his Twin Turbo 5th Gen Camaro. Unfortunately we had an issue with his Gear Vendor OD unit and were not able to turn the boost up

Nathan Anderson ran a best of 175mph with his Procharger F1X C7 Z06. Unfortunately we found out too late Nathans tires were SHOT so we were severely traction limited this weekend.

Drue Macready ran a best of 178mph with his Twin Turbo C6 Z06. Drue has a Th400 with 3:42 rear gear so he was having to roll out about 400 feet before getting into the throttle. Next time out he will have a 3:00 gear and be shooting for 200+

Ned ran a best of 181mph with his twin turbo Gen V Viper. Unfortunately we had an issue with an OEM coil that kept him from making any solid passes on the combination. We will be sure to have him ready for 210+ in Texas!!

Wade Martin ran a best of 166mph ALL MOTOR in his 468” LSX C6 Z06.. Wade was in a similar situation as Drue as he has 3:90 rear gear and was forced to shift to 5th (overdrive). There is more in this combination with proper gearing.

Gary Coyne ran several 184mph passes with his Twin turbo ZL1 Camaro. We wanted to spray the car into the 190s, but traction was a MAJOR concern this weekend so we decided to err on the side of caution.

Mark Hahn CTSV unfortunately had mechanical issues which kept him from racing.

Cyrus Everette ran a best of 149.8mph with his LS2 C6 Cam only

Donnie Carroll ran a best of 167mph in his Stage IV 5th Gen ZL1 Camaro

Derek Downing ran a best of 148mph with his Stage 1.5 Gen II CTSV

Chuck Greer ran a best of 183mph with his LSX 427/Novi 2200X C6 Z06

Camaro Sissy Mulkey ran a best of 159mph in HER Stage IV 5th Gen ZL1 Camaro

Kent Tysor ran a best of 159mph with his D1SC Procharged 5th Gen Camaro

Michael D Stout ran a best of 178mph in his newly built C7 Stingray powered by a 416 LT1/Procharger F1X/Circle D 6L80E on WASTEGATE (18psi)

Dane Barnum ran a best of 166mph with his Gen II CTSV

1 @ 190+

5 @ 180+

3 @ 170+

5 @ 160+

2 @ 150+

2 @ 140+

We cannot thank our clients enough who continually support Vengeance Racing. You guys all represent us well and we have an absolute awesome time racing with you and supporting your goals. We already have our sights set on Texas in April and ready to go faster!!!

Address: 241 Castleberry Industrial Dr, Cumming, GA 30040
Phone:(678) 513-7105
Hours: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm




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