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UK Road Rage Caught on Dash Cam - Idiot Driver crashes head on into cam car. Accident Norfolk

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TERRIFYING footage shows a road rage driver doing a U-turn on a busy A-road before coming back on the wrong side and RAMMING a car carrying a dad and two young children.

Moments earlier the driver aggressively overtook the family and slammed on the brakes just feet in front, forcing the dad to make an emergency stop.

ad Jonathan Steward said his son and daughter had been “traumatised” by the ordeal on the A140 between Diss and Norwich, Norfolk.

His nine-year-old daughter was in the front passenger seat and would have been clearly visible to the other motorist as he rammed them head-on.

His son, 13, was in the back.

Footage from a Nextbase dashcam shows the black Ford zoom past before suddenly cutting in just in front and braking hard on the wet road.

Mr Steward was able to slow down and stop in time.

The Ford then sits stationary for more than a minute with its hazard lights on, bringing rush hour traffic to a standstill.

Finally the driver speeds away and out of sight round a bend, but later the camera shows the black motor turning from a layby and coming back towards the family.

Terrifyingly the Ford veers onto the wrong side of the road so the two vehicles are on course for a head-on crash.

Again Mr Steward brings his car to a halt – but the Ford driver continues and ploughs into the front of the family vehicle at low speed.

And the road rage maniac clips their car a second time as he drives away.

Mr Steward said: “This was a terrifying ordeal from the start.

“I’m not sure exactly what was wrong with the driver or why they tried to ram us but it’s scary to think motorists like this are out there on UK roads.

“We were all hugely nervous that the car would return and he would do something else that could harm us.

“Both my kids have been left totally traumatised by the whole thing, as have I, and have now become really nervous whenever we have to go on a car journey.”

He also claims that before the footage begins, the same Ford driver had tried to clip their car on a roundabout and make it spin out of control.

Mr Steward handed video of last September’s incident to police.

Norfolk Constabulary said it sent a file to the Crown Prosecution Service, which decided to take no action.

The case is now being reviewed after an appeal, according to reports.

We have contacted the CPS for a comment.

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