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TRS Tips: How to Install LED Halos In your Headlights (Switchback, RGB, XSB, Strips)

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One of the most common concerns of our customers is how to install halo rings in headlights and what type of adhesive to use when attaching them. When installing halo rings or LED strips, don’t mess with glue. It's not a reliable hold, it yellows over time, and you run the risk of it ruining your shroud if it drips. A single turn down a bumpy road or the arrival of a hot and steamy heat wave can quickly undo all your hard work.

The method the experienced team at The Retrofit Source finds most reliable for attaching LED halos is using a high-quality, fine-gauge wire that’s strong and pliable. We know what you’re thinking: Won’t people be able to see the wire inside the LED headlight rings? Unless you’re inspecting them at extremely close range, the wire inside the housing will be completely undetectable.

In this video, we cover some of the key reference points involved in retrofitting your headlights with LED halos and strips.

Installing LED Headlight Rings

To get started, follow instructions for disassembling your headlight and lay out the set of shrouds and LED angel eye halos or strips on a clean surface. Make sure to have a power drill, needle-nose pliers and a set of protective work gloves handy. Press a thumbtack into three sets of holes — six holes total — spaced in a triangular pattern around the circumference of the front of your bezel. Then use a tiny drill bit in the dimple to bore through the shroud all the way.

From there, use a very thin metal wire (picture hanging wire most common, from the hardware store) to tie the angel eye ring onto the surface by fishing it through the holes you just made. Twist the wire on the backside to tighten it, clipping away any excess length. Be careful not to over-tighten, as it may harm the ring especially if it’s a CCFL or exposed LED.

Halos and RGB Headlight Experts

The Retrofit Source is dedicated to providing the best selection of premium automotive lighting products at prices that are difficult to beat. We’re real auto enthusiasts who use these products on our cars and trucks and are experienced working with a wide variety of XBS halos and switchbacks, LED light strips and RGB headlights. Whether you need more information on how to install halo rings in headlights or advice on choosing the right LED rings, we offer our customers the resources and live technical support you need for a trouble-free retrofit.

View the latest selection of LED Angel Eyes and Strips at TRS: https://goo.gl/kxrtD5
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