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Top Honda CBR Series Model 2019 Released | New Honda SportBike Motorcycles 2019

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All New Top Honda CBR Series Model 2019 Released
Over the Milan show in November from 2018 in October of the inter-moto show, that the new model of the world appeared all at once would be fresh in our memory. Although the WEB Young's machine has been delivered one by one the new car information, want to keep the line-up in this special issue "2019 world new car total picture book" it has been found so far and once again organize. It summarizes the 2019 model year information of Honda's CB series and the CB-R series in this paper.

New Honda CB650R: Neo Sports Cafe
CB-R series, which is deployed in modern cafe style as a new generation of CB series. It CB650R that CB650F has been reborn as a mid-level. Parallel four-cylinder engine intake and exhaust systems and cam timing and the compression ratio is reviewed, provides high speed rotation of 5% of the power-up and 1000 rpm. The Honda selectable torque control is Torakon also became the new equipment. Also the body surface frames and was lighter in response to the renovation to the pivot plate around, such as changes to φ41mmSFF inverted fork made of SHOWA, has become a consuming content polish to run. Started all lights such is LED headlights to be the CB1000R inheritance. Bali is a four-color in Europe.

New Honda CBR650R 2019

CBR650F successor falls on full cowl sports machine. Design and brought closer the image to the CBR1000RR, has evolved to strengthen the sport of in such Sepahan clamped under the top bridge from "F" to "R". Become a CB650R and the brothers car, and the engine citraconic equipment and power-up, the vehicle body around to obtain a φ41mm SFF inverted fork and 7-step preload adjustable rear shock common. The engine assist and slippers. Clutch are built in as well. The nominal fuel consumption is 20.4km / L, it can be full 300km or more of cruising. ABS is CB650R in company all models as standard equipment. Karabari in Europe have been published two colors.

New Honda CBR500R 2019

Japan exhaust the amount of difference CBR500R model change for the overseas as a CBR400R in Japan. It was the design of the CBR250RR system with LED headlights. Also refine parallel two-cylinder engine at the same time. Maximum output does not change the 35kW to conform to European A2 license which corresponds to the normal two-wheel license of Japan, but in the low-to-medium speed range of 3000~7000rpm plays a performance-up of more than 4%. Riding position also received a change to the sporty ones with increased anteversion. And the gear position indicator on the new liquid crystal meter, have also been equipped with adjustable shift-up indicator for each 250rpm.

New Honda CBR1000RR 2019

CBR1000RR series, aged around electronically controlled device based on the feedback from the HRC and the MotoGP team. Combat force in the circuit is increased. Specifically, HSTC = Honda selectable torque control, now provides a more sophisticated intervention and throttle response, separated from HSTC for wheelie control finer setup management. In throttle response improvement, and feel improvement at the time of approaching the corner, it has become strong torque at the outlet. High-speed driving at the time of the ABS intervention levels were also reduced.

New Honda CBR1000RR SP 2019
Also SP advanced version equipped with Öhlins smart EC suspension electronic control receives the improved electronic control around you Like Torakon and throttle response around the center and standard version of the above in '19, competitive in the circuit is increased It is. It should be noted that the change around of the vehicle body standard in company graphics. The difference is increased accent part of the white and blue, to distinguish the SP and the standard is, are easily attached than ever before.

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