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The Return of the Fail Ninja: Throwback Thursday (September 2017) || FailArmy

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the internet! The Fail Ninja has returned to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting masses. No one is safe from his wrath, not even Santa Claus! Have favorite? Let us know in the comments!!

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Guy Falls Down Collapsed Ladder https://goo.gl/YFeHTk
Pileup on Highway https://goo.gl/wC0rv3
Dog Doesn't Want to go Back to His Room https://goo.gl/JwQDAz
Guy Falls Off Dirt Bike https://goo.gl/XpfCfs
Costumed Santa Falls Down Skateboard Ramp https://goo.gl/6b6vnq
Guy Breaks Diving Board https://goo.gl/ssfR9A
Dog Faceplants Grass after Jumping over Fence https://goo.gl/2Nnydj
Drone Descends into Water https://goo.gl/IdWh7U
Girl Falls off Broken Mechanical Bull https://goo.gl/iZDnB6
Guy Face Plants During Backflip Attempt https://goo.gl/TXwbVU
Little Fighter Gets Kicked in Face https://goo.gl/36bjnL
Jumping Spider Scares Boy in Store https://goo.gl/zQrz8S
Girl Can't Jump on Box https://goo.gl/bp0MjQ
Guy Accidentally Gets Hit by Skateboard During Flip https://goo.gl/1BXsGr
Karma Causes Cat to Fall Off Table https://goo.gl/M6MIWx
Snowmobile Attempts Jump and Falls https://goo.gl/UP9jFB
Mountain Biker Flies over Handlebar https://goo.gl/Kt7FQI
Mariachi Fail https://goo.gl/bK86Qh
River Crossing https://goo.gl/HgX7Y8
Dance FP https://goo.gl/nezZ5W
Dancer Loses Skirt https://goo.gl/WWMRvd
Back of Car https://goo.gl/yz17s1
Fitness Faceplant https://goo.gl/i1Mx8j
Roundhouse https://goo.gl/6tUUEN
Segway Crash https://goo.gl/QXxfub
MTB Fail https://goo.gl/BempzA
I'm Sorry, My Daughter Just Fell https://goo.gl/QpvvJt
Daughter's Snowboarding Fail https://goo.gl/kCyxHn
Motorcyclist Loses Control & Crashes Over Guardrail https://goo.gl/VHa9QH
Karate Kick Fail https://goo.gl/u8YrJZ
Failure To Mount https://goo.gl/5XYxzq
Employee Fall https://goo.gl/1feQQR
My Sister's Cat https://goo.gl/H62pCA
Epic Shuffle Fail https://goo.gl/4v8Bu8
Base Jumper Trips & Falls Off Building https://goo.gl/HqKY3f
Santa Falls Out Of Boat Into River https://goo.gl/v1MRvG
Skateboarder Trips & Spills Coffee https://goo.gl/kwpcZ8
Girl Faceplants Doing Suicides In Gym https://goo.gl/EjmiB9
Bro Tries To Jump Into a Raised Pool https://goo.gl/1uReZY
Runner Trips At Beginning of Sprint https://goo.gl/J9XuvD
Wedding Dress Model Runway Fail https://goo.gl/g8mceF
Trampoline Related Events https://goo.gl/iuFmDA
Gamer Throws Controller After Loss Then Falls https://goo.gl/uw8DA8
Guys Slips on Black Ice and Falls https://goo.gl/KYW8xJ
Ice Skating Fail https://goo.gl/Ftj1T1
Bad Swimming Pool Fall https://goo.gl/zrt7YN
Marathon Fail https://goo.gl/3FnR4v
Kung Fu Fail https://goo.gl/JJs34i
Backyard Soccer Ball Fail https://goo.gl/LTeTrZ
Reverse Race & Fall https://goo.gl/jYJRCn
Sundrop Dance Commercial Fail https://goo.gl/vHYKzA
Double Bike Crash https://goo.gl/fsWbMx
Wedding Lightning Strike https://goo.gl/fF1kDx
Trampoline Fail Into Hole https://goo.gl/vVUkM2
Horse Fail Into Trees https://goo.gl/TjKAGf
Bike Rollers Fail https://goo.gl/TfLzmi
Lady Trips & Falls On Face https://goo.gl/TLsbLZ
Promposal Fall https://goo.gl/VsFRWK
Diving Board Dance & Fall https://goo.gl/BLKNkb
Fall Texting https://goo.gl/wWKgkh
Thunderstruck Drunk Fail https://goo.gl/8vBdaU
We Fall https://goo.gl/nRTTD8
Boys https://goo.gl/sr9WyN
Drunk Girl Falls https://goo.gl/21e4Zi
Falling Stupidly https://goo.gl/Rm5tSL
Falling Fat https://goo.gl/o2PpZ6
Groom Drops Bride https://goo.gl/9XgHYM
Gangnam Style Fail https://goo.gl/WQ3nBq

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