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The Jaguar CX-75 Cancellation Explained.

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What Really Happened To The Ultimate Jaguar Ever Made?
Why It Didn't Made To Production?

The Jaguar CX75 is a hybrid electric concept car build to celebrate 75th anniversary of jaguar. It was unveiled for the first time in 2010 at paris motor show.That was literally jaw dropping design and technology.the car is propelled by four electric motors, The batteries gain the charge by 2 jet engines. That was actually ridiculous for a car. It was the most sophisticated and futuristic concept car at that time. Jaguar collaborated with williams f1 for cx75 project.
May be the jaguar e-type be the most beautiful car, but for me this is the beauty and the beast.In 2011 the team started development of prototypes.a hand picked team from jaguar and williams get togather and started building this beast.But, that outlandish technology just get settled within concept model. Putting a jet engines in a car to recharge batteries is not only hard but also leads to enormous temperature that could even melt the car and there is lot of other technical issues.
then The team developed a fantastic engine for the car. The engine was a little 1.6 liter turbo and supercharged 4 cylinder engine. Yet, it gives an output of a crazy 500hp. To put that into prospective 2018 audi r8 produce 525 hp with a 5.2 litre v10 engine. So that was something quite unusual!

The 2 electric motor with 390 hp were combined to get the total 890 hp. The car should cost up to 1.5 million dollars and 250 units were estimated. But as it is, it didn't made to production. In the end of 2012 jaguar officially announced the cancellation of 250 units due to recession. Company states that " it seems like a wrong time to launch a million euro supercar" The 5 prototype models were build. One of them kept in jaguar museum and another one featured in 2015 james bond's ?ln spectre, and the rest were sold out in auction. In this video i am discussing about the cancellation and my thoughts. hope you will enjoy it.

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