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The Best Hypercar (2020) Lucid Air VS Tesla Model S VS Tesla Roadster (Official Video)

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Performance, Handling & More
- EV Range: 400 miles
- Top Speed: (Estimated) 161 mph
- All-Wheel Drive
- 24" Low Rolling Resistant Pirelli Tires
- Optional lightweight Carbon barrel wheels
- 5 Integrated Quanergy LiDARs For Autonomous Driving Capability (Up to L4)
- Patented S3 Solid-State LiDAR Sensors: Designed to provide the highest level of performance, reliability, durability and dependability required in safety-critical automotive situations
- Unparalleled Awareness: Only LiDAR with sensor hardware and perception software (The vehicle senses and perceives surroundings – detecting and classifying objects for real-time reaction)

- Carbon Fiber and Aluminum Lightweight Construction
- Front Brand Identity Design: Vehicle crafted around the LiDARs (Rather than an antiquated radiator)
- Front LiDAR Integrated Flush Behind Front Wheel
- Rear LiDAR Hidden in Lower Rear Rocker Panel
- Doors Open/Close Controlled by Smartphone – With Exterior Unmovable Flush Touch Handles (Illuminated handles; discreet inner levers and touch panel closes)
- Lower Exterior: Aero features, front spoiler, side rocker panels and rear diffuser in exposed lightweight carbon fiber
- Ultra-Soft Premium Leather
- Interior Color: Caramel and Midnight Black (Fisker was the first automotive brand to offer a vegan interior as an option – and will do so again with the EMotion)
- Three Driver-Oriented Screens, With Center Curved Screen
- Inductive Charging Ports and Special Holders For Four Smartphones (Partially visible)
- Carbon Fiber Center Console with Additional Storage Space for Tablets and Accessories
- Four Individual, Electric Adjustable First-Class Seats
- Optional 27" Curved Rear Screen For "Chauffeur Edition"
- Five Seats, Rear Bench Option
- Individual Four Zone Electric Adjustable Tinted Roof: Electrochromic Glass in Collaboration with Lipik

From the front seat, Lucid Motors’ desire to combine ultra-luxury with cool gadgetry comes into sharp focus. Three digital screens ring the steering wheel, so the driver feels ensconced in technology. The left-hand screen contains a number of different menus to scroll through to adjust things like the headlights and in-car mood lighting (oh yes), while the right-hand screen controls functions like navigation and music. The center screen contains an image of the Air-in-miniature, as well as a neat feature that allows the driver to toggle between a bunch of futuristic backgrounds, all of which appear to be some variation of Peter Saville’s iconic album cover for Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasure.

A retractable iPad-sized touchscreen is anchored under the center console, which also contains traditional buttons for heating and air conditioning. Because who wants to have to paw numbly at a touchscreen during the dead of winter? You can also find a number of smart car and home apps on the center screen, like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Nest, and August Smart Lock. The car’s infotainment system runs on Android, Lucid says.

But the most unique aspect about the Air, according to Rawlinson, is also its most deceptive feature: the size of the vehicle. On the outside, the vehicle is smaller than a Tesla, with a shorter hood and trunk. That’s because of the way the car’s battery packs are stacked. Rather than lay the batteries flat across the chassis like some electric cars, Lucid has “sculpted” the battery pack to enhance the interior space. That makes the Air narrower, shorter, and lower than a Model S, but with the interior space of a long wheelbase Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

The goal was to build a vehicle that’s easy to park and store in an era of limited space, especially in urban environments where that space is a premium. “A more compact car is a more pleasurable driving experience,” Rawlinson says.

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