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Tesla Giga Berlin To Build Up To 2 Million Cars a Year

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German report says Tesla Giga Berlin will produce up to 2,000,000 vehicles per year, instead of previously announced 500,000 yearly rate.

Focus.de reports that according to Tesla's plans, up to two million cars per year are to be assembled in the planned Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide, east of Berlin. This report process participants FOCUS. This would make Gigafactory's output more than twice that of VW's main plant in Wolfsburg. Tesla is expecting a market for twelve million electric vehicles in Europe, it is said. The carmaker wants to cover a significant part of this need with vehicles made in Grünheid. The manufacturer did not respond to an inquiry about its long-term planning.

The current building application for the factory is based on up to 500,000 vehicles a year. So far, it has not been clarified where the water for production on this scale should come from. Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach ( SPD ) made it clear in January that Tesla had to prove an additional water supply from a third of the production volume now requested.

Among other things, the Model 3 and Model Y are to be built in Grünheide. Tesla boss Elon Musk recently tweeted that he could also imagine developing a compact model in Germany.

Tesla Giga Berlin will be built on a 300-hectare plot of land, after all, which means that there is ample space for other manufacturing-related facilities to be established on the site. Gigafactory Shanghai, for example, is only being built on an 86 hectare area, but the Model 3 and Model Y factory on the site would likely exceed 500,000 vehicles per year when fully ramped. With this in mind, perhaps references to Giga Berlin’s 2 million a year production rate are not too farfetched.

Also see the placement of columns at the drive unit section at Giga Berlin..

1. More columns waiting at the Drive Unit section.
2. Containers get a third level.
3. Columns at Body in White.
4. At the Paint Shop they started to install wider beams.


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