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Street Outlaws Chuck calls out number one Fireball Camaro in a grudge race Can he win?

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Street Outlaws number 1 and number 2 do a grudge race at Tucson Raceway during a Street Outlaws Live event. Who will win between Ryan Martin (Fireball Camaro) and Chuck Seitsinger (Mustang).
Watch it here: https://youtu.be/CrwEfcc6Aj4

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Street Outlaws Chuck calls out number one Fireball Camaro in a grudge race Can he win? https://youtu.be/CrwEfcc6Aj4
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In this video it was filmed in Tucson Arizona at the Street Outlaws Live event that was being filmed for the TV show that will be aired in March (from what they said). This race between #2 Chuck and #1 Ryan Martin was just a grudge race that happened on the Friday night before the big Saturday race with the 32 car invitational that was going on for $40,000. So Chuck was the one that called out Ryan Martin to a friendly race and it led up to all the hype you would expect. It was awesome to get a glimps of what was to come on Saturday night with some high horsepower cars that can really get down on a seriously no prepped track. The pass these guys made was unreal fast and awesome to see. I was impressed.

I added two bonus videos after this, one is the whole 32 car invitational list race and I have released this before but I had a subscriber ask if I release it again and put titles of names or cars before they race so you know who they are. I thought it was a great idea too and so I did this and re-released the video and will start doing this in the future so people will know who each racer is.

After this video then I added in another video I have released before which is the video I took of all the cars in the pits and also showed them doing a burnout or wheelie. I feel that it tied in together real nice with each other video.

As always feel free to comment below, and if there is anything that you feel I can improve on my videos I would like to hear that too. I will be going to the Street Outlaws Live event in Orangeburg, SC next so I hope to have some more awesome footage after that.

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Street Outlaws Chuck calls out number one Fireball Camaro in a grudge race Can he win?

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