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Roborace Will Go Up THAT Hill With Autonomous DevBot 2.0 | CarMojo

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Roborace has been developing its DevBot 2.0 and will launch a racing series this year.

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You may remember that Roborace took to the famous hillclimb last year with its all-autonomous Robocar, which successfully drove itself during the event. In the 12 months since, Roborace’s autonomous racing plans have changed significantly and the DevBot 2.0 coming to Goodwood this month will show the improvements it has made.

The DevBot 2.0 features a Le Mans-esque prototype design and unlike the Robocar, actually has a cabin. This is because it can be driven by a human driver when needed, but at Goodwood, all the driving will be tasked to the onboard computers.

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Roborace originally intended on launching a racing series with its crazy Robocar as early as 2017. However, those plans failed to materialize and the company now intends on racing its DevBot 2.0 in a series kicking off this year. Current plans call for a human driver to pilot the vehicles for the first half of each race before the self-driving systems take over for the second half.

Three teams are competing in the beta season: Arrival, TUM, and the University of Pisa. Roborace intends on following up the DevBot 2.0 with a new racer combining the best elements of it and the Robocar. This new vehicle could compete in a one-make racing series in 2021.

The company’s Robocar prototype ran up the Goodwood hillclimb last year without incident. This year, it seems likely the DevBot 2.0 will look to do the same but at a quicker pace.Roborace will be returning to @fosgoodwood to showcase their new DevBot 2.0 self-driving vehicle. #FOS pic.twitter.com/o5JwjADOF5

— Roborace (@roborace) June 24, 2019
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