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Reduce wheel hop on your 2015-2018 Mustang with Steeda Stop the Hop kits

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Starter Kit: https://www.steeda.com/Steeda-S550-Mustang-Stop-The-Hop-Starter-Kit-555-4455
Enthusiast Kit: https://www.steeda.com/Steeda-S550-Mustang-Stop-the-Hop-Enthusiast-Kit-15-18_p_13896.html
Ultimate Kit: https://www.steeda.com/steeda-mustang-ultimate-irs-stop-the-hop-package-2015-all-555-2129.html

A comparison of Steeda's Stop the Hop Starter, Enthusiast and Ultimate kits.

Starter Kit
Applications: Street/Track/Road Race/Autocross

Our Starter kit is a great price point and fit for those who are focused on turning above all. It helps to quell the wheel hop without putting too much control in the rear of the car (too much control can lead to a nervousness in the car under extreme braking).

Enthusiast Kit
Applications: Street/Drag Racing

Our Enthusiast Kit is for those that want to focus a bit more on drag racing. The kit includes all of the components in the Starter Kit: Subframe Support Braces, Subframe Alignment Kit, and our Subframe Bushing Support System, in addition to the Steeda Spherical Rear Lower Control Arm Bushing to further help keep the rear planted. In testing we found that the rear wheels can toe in nearly 2 degrees under hard launches because of deflection in the lower control arm bushing. Installing our spherical bushing keeps the toe in line under these same conditions.

Ultimate Kit
Applications: Drag Racing

Our 'Stop the Hop' Ultimate Kit is for the drag racer, pure and simple. It adds to 'Stop the Hop' Starter Kit with the addition of our Steeda Billet Vertical Links and Adjustable Toe Links. The Vertical Links are CNC machined to be the exact length and with equal strength across the entire link unlike some competitors that use a welded arm. Available in either Polyurethane or Delrin, our vertical link bushings are much larger than that of the competition - the larger bushing gives more area for the arm to travel without causing an artificial spring rate inherent in the stock arm. The Steeda Adjustable Toe Links give you more control over your toe settings, and maintain consistency launch to launch. You can also add the Spherical Rear Control Arm Bearing to this kit for even more control over the toe.

Find all these kits and more at: https://www.steeda.com/2015-mustang-irs-components

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