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Rallycross Gameplay in 12 different racing games (Dirt Rally 2.0, V-Rally 4, The Crew 2 and more)

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A few weeks ago to mark the launch of Dirt Rally 2.0 I published my big compilation with Rally gameplay from 20 different rally racing games. However, Dirt Rally 2 features another game mode with Rallycross and this mode can be found in a large number of games as well. In some of them it follows the rules of the real life Rallycross World Championship with its joker laps, while in others it is simply a name for mixed surface races on short circuits with Rallycross-style cars. Either way, here you can see Rallycross gameplay from 12 different racing games, featuring some of the games that you already saw in my Rally compilation but also some new ones like Project Cars 2 and Gravel.

In my Rally compilation I tried to show a similar location and car in each game but for this video I went the opposite way and tried to include a large variety of cars and locations. I am showing some famous Rallycross tracks like Hell and Lohéac, some tracks that use parts of famous Grand Prix circuits like Brands Hatch and Barcelona, some tracks in famous cities like Monaco and Las Vegas and some obscure locations as well. Regarding the cars I am using a different manufacturer in each game.

As usual I did a lot of attempts for some of the runs to make sure that I would not only capture some smooth driving but also some close battles and other interesting incidents involving the AI. And I would say that I succeeded with this once again, even though no trains are involved this time. :P

Hopefully this Rallycross compilation will be just as popular and well received as the Rally one. If so, then I might already do another one soon, since I still got tons of other ideas left. :)

0:09 Dirt 1 - Circuit des Ducs Rallycross with Lotus Exige
2:56 Dirt 2 - Los Angeles Rallycross with Subaru Impreza WRX STI
6:18 Dirt 3 - Monaco Rallycross with Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X
9:06 Dirt Showdown - Tokyo Rallycross-style Race with Zenden Cup
12:49 Dirt Rally - Lydden Hill Rallycross with Peugeot 208 WRX
15:27 Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo - Lohéac Rallycross with Hyundai Veloster
18:10 Dirt 4 - Hell Rallycross with Seat Ibiza
21:12 Project Cars 2 - Brands Hatch Rallycross with Volkswagen Polo
24:01 Gravel - Las Vegas Speedcross with Ford Fiesta
26:49 The Crew 2 - Ski Jump Rallycross with Citroën C3
30:37 V-Rally 4 - China Rallycross with Honda Civic
34:25 Dirt Rally 2.0 - Barcelona Rallycross with Audi S1

Dirt Rally, Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo, Dirt 4, Project Cars 2, V-Rally 4 and Dirt Rally 2 all feature the joker lap rule from the real life Rallycross World Championship, where you have to take a slower secondary path of the track in one of your laps. I always took it in the first lap here, so that you could see the AI drivers for a bigger part of the race.

Dirt 1-3 and Gravel don't have joker laps but Gravel also features a lot of real Rallycross tracks like Hell and Lohéac (with their joker sections removed or closed off).

Project Cars 2 and Dirt Rally 2 have tracks that use parts of famous Grand Prix circuits like Brands Hatch, Hockenheim, Barcelona and Silverstone.

The Crew 2 does actually have joker sections on a lot of its Rallycross tracks but you are not required to use them in the events and can just take the fastest path in every lap. One Rallycross event also includes a bit of story, which is why I picked that one for the video. Don't assume that every event is like this.

Dirt Showdown doesn't officially have "Rallycross" but I needed one more game for the video to get to a good number and at least the Tokyo Race track in Dirt Showdown actually looks quite similar to the Tokyo Rallycross tracks in Dirt 2 and 3, so I decided to go with that one.

V-Rally 4 has fictional Rallycross tracks in obscure locations like China and Romania and the tracks are actually pretty nice but unfortunately you can't change the number of laps for them in quick race, so that's why I was forced to do 6 laps there.

If this compilation gets more than 100k views just like the Rally compilation, then I might follow it up with another one, for example about the Hill Climb and Trailblazer modes, so if you guys want to see that, then make sure to share this video with all of your friends who might find it interesting. :)

I might also make some separate Rallycross videos for each game where I am showing all of the different cars and tracks, so simply show me that you are interested in Rallycross by watching this video and I will be glad to deliver more content about it.

If you haven't seen the Rally compilation yet, then you can find it over here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHWJj4R61Cc

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