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Racing Fuels: Octane Booster Makes Big HP Gains on Load bearing Dyno

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Check out this video on Octane Booster product "Boostane" making serious power on our load bearing dyno.

0:30 Let's talk numbers
0:50 Pros and cons of product
1:09 Returnless Fuel system
1:20 Pre-mix beforehand
1:30 Needs good WOT pull to drain the fuel rails
1:55 1st WOT pull we recommend...
2:10 Now that it's mixed put your tune in with more timing
​2:23 Will this product ruin my 02 sensors?​
​2:50 C85 does not have a long shelf life​
3:00 What about cost?
3:15 Price breakout per gallon
3:23 I feel it's cost effective up to about 105 octane
4:00 Pros of product
4:30 lightweight
5:00 Cheaper than race fuel up to a point
5:10 Highly recommended for anyone with a DYNO shop
5:20 Help combat against customers that bring you in a vehicle to dyno tune with 87 octane in vehicle
6:30 Gains from using Boostane
6:38 Starting with 93 octane and a tune we got this...
7:15 We didn't change the tune file at all just added Boostane a
7:45 It had an effect on our Air Fuel Ratio
7:55 This our scan with just Boostane
8:25 We picked up 10 Horsepower
8:30 You would definitely want to retune it after adding Boostane
9:30 We didn't lose any power going back down to a safer AFR
9:57 Let's look at the numbers AFTER tuning...
10:15 When we added more timing we did see knock with our Plex Knock Monitor
10:36 At 20 degrees we did....
11:15 Maximum safe power with Boostane and a tune is...
12:00 Numbers based on Load bearing...Inertia dyno will give you false gains
12:40 Check out our video on why tune on a load bearing dyno
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