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Porsche Car Show Concours d'elegance - SoCal 356 Club 2018

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I really enjoyed this years Porsche Car Show Concours d' Elegance (2018). The cars were fantastic from the southern california Porsche 356 club, 912 Registry, and R Gruppe folks. What a perfect day for hanging out with car people at a really nice venue.

This video series filmed in my home workshop highlights the technical details of my classic car restoration (An aircooled Porsche 911). I’m starting with a stripped out shell from 1974 and backdating it to the earlier longhood look. (Backdated Porsche means to make it look older than it is). It’s not easy to build a car in a small garage but I hope to inspire other gearhead minded people like me to build something cool with DIY style.

In the first few episodes I will focus on the autobody metalwork to transform this junker into something fun to drive. Extensive metal fabrication is needed to give the body the wide and low stance that I'm looking for. Metal fab can be time consuming but its the detail that set each car project build apart from the rest. My classic Porsche strives to be unique with custom hotrod touches throughout. There will be some rust repair in the front trunk area including the infamous suspension pan...home fab style.

I plan to update weekly videos detailing the customization of my classic sports car. This is a low budget build so I plan to make many of the custom parts myself wherever possible. I hope you enjoy my car vlog that will hopefully become an autocross racer or track car someday.

Engine plans are 3.0L+ with individual throttle bodies ITB

Custom brakes and suspensions mods are also planned.

Please stay tuned for all updates on this project series.

Product and tools info at www.ahhgaragetime.com

My Classic Car Restoration Future Plans
I plan to modify the suspension and brakes with improved aftermarket parts from Elephant Racing and Tarett Engineering as money and time allows. Larger brakes from a late model Boxster will be used since this car didn’t come with any brakes and they seem to be the best bang for the buck. The engine will be from a later Porsche 911 to with at least 3.0 liters and I hope to use a custom individual throttle bodies with a modern injection system and software.

In other words, this build will be a mashup of all Porsche’s best years. The classic look of the early lightweight body with a more modern air-cooled drivetrain. Call it a restomod or hotrod if you like, but I’m going to make it my own with custom touches along the way. Please join me in this detailed restoration journey.

Porsche...there is no substitute

Visit my website at www.ahhgaragetime.com or
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