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Police Chases. Police cars chase bandit - Police cartoon about car for children - Kids story.

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Police Chases. Police cars chase bandit - Police cartoon about car for children - Kids story. episode -1 - https://youtu.be/sbRF2jgrubQ
The link for the coloring pages: https://1drv.ms/b/s!Atl_Y3vS3iEagr1a7fVY3_cOtnjYnw

Cartoon starts from the last culmination frame. Handy-Andy’s words should be said nervously, screaming, so people can believe that situation is serious.
Handy-Andy( he is going very fast from the bridge, where the bomb is, the powerful explosion follows, screaming): AAAAAAA! Oh, no! Not that!!!
Author: One hour before explosion
Author: It was getting dark… The city lights are on, and our friend Handy-Andy is also going home…
Handy-Andy (happy): Hello, my friends! Couple more blocks and I will be home! (we can hear the sound of brakes and then the sound of crashed cars) (pause) What is that??? What is going on there??! (the police car is going fast and that undercuts Handy-Andy) Hey!!! What are you doing???!! (long pause, change on the frame) The police car hit me! Take a look what happened to my racing car now! The passenger’s door and the fender are damaged! It’s not good! I see that other cars were also undercut not only my! (long pause) (sigh hardly, angry) Ok! That’s it! I’m calling the police to complain! (calling) Hello! Register the complained for your police car! They broke the rules, undercut other cars! What happened to them? People can suffer from that!?
The police officer (warried): Is that you Handy-Andy? We are sorry. We have unexpected situation. The thieves, who robbed the supermarket and had your friend Emmy as a hostage – escaped! They somehow broke grate in the detention facility and attacked the security. (long pause) The thieves stole the police car and drove away! They even broke the fens at the police station. Moreover, I think now they are trying to escape from the city.
Thieves (laughing angrily) Ha-ha-ha! Ha-ha-ha!
Police officer (tensed, worried): We've started the investigation! We announced the stolen police car wanted! But we even don’t know where to look for the thieves!
Handy-Andy: I know where they are going! The shortest way to escape from the city is across the bridge! Send all police cars to the bridge! I’m following them!
Police officer: Be careful, Handy-Andy! The thieves are very dangerous and they have weapon!
Handy-Andy: I’m going to be very careful! (hung up, talking to the audience, talking very fast and nervous, like a tongue twister) I’m going to the bridge, my friends! I have to catch the thieves before they can leave the city!
Handy-Andy starts chasing the thieves.
Handy-Andy (saw the thieves on the bridge, quietly, almost whispering, scared) Here they are! On the bridge! (long pause, change of the frame): Why did they stop??!!! Something wrong here! I should try to come closer… (pause) Where is the police? Why does it take them so long to come??! What can I do alone?
Police officer (on a radio): We are almost there, Handy-Andy! Wait! We are coming in a few minutes!
Handy-Andy (on a radio): The thieves stopped on the bridge! What should I do??
Handy-Andy (without a radio, to the audience): They will go now, that’s it! The chance will be gone!
The thieves crossing the bridge.
Police officer (on a radio): Try to fallow them! However, don’t come too close to them!
Handy-Andy: The thieves are leaving! (on a radio) Hurry up, fast! They are leaving! (without a radio) I’m going to check – why did they stop on the bridge…
Came there, Handy-Andy sees the bomb on the bridge, few seconds left to explosion
Handy-Andy (scared, shocked) : The bomb! No way!! The thieves attached the bomb to the bridge! Everything is going to explode now!!....OMG…I have to go from here. (turns on the radio) Everyone, go back!! There is the bomb on the bridge! Repeat – there is the bomb on the bridge!!
Handy-Andy (screaming): АААААА! Not that!!!
the powerful explosion on the bridge
Police officer (on a radio, behind the frame): Handy-Andy ! Are you here? Can you hear me? (pause) Handy-Andy, answer me! Hello! Can you hear me!?
The noise in a radio.
Author: The rest of the story you will see in the next cartoon, my friends.
Coloring papers you can find on the link, with the description of the cartoon. Subscribe to our channel and you will never miss new cartoons. Like it!
Police Chases

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