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People fail to stop for school bus

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I was driving on US-29 (Lee Highway) in Fairfax City, Virginia. A school bus stops in the far right lane up ahead. Virginia law requires that everyone stop for a school bus picking up or dropping off kids unless a median separates your lane from where the bus stopped. No median here. Notice how many people blew right past. Now, I think in this particular case the law is a little silly. No kids are crossing the street, and if there were kids heading for the other side of the street, the school bus would come back around and stop over there. The current nanny state would never allow kids to cross a road like this one. But you know, it makes sense for the law to be written the way it is because otherwise you get into grey areas with people claiming they thought some particular exception applied. If the law always requires you to stop, there's no ambiguity. Really, do you want to be the guy who screws up and hits some kid who ran out into the road, even if the kid was technically in the wrong? I don't.

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