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Nitto Audi R8 GT Twin Turbo by Underground Racing

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Underground racing made an amazing car here!

From the factory, the 560-hp lightened R8 GT is a monster. For many this could and should be all you’d ever want from a car, but we all know that there are those who can’t leave well enough alone. Those owners always want more, and Charlotte, NC-based Underground Racing seems perfectly willing to supply it in the form of a twin turbo setup for the R8’s already amazing V10. Just a car was on display at SEMA.

For the configuration, the team from Underground Racing (UR) has developed four stages of tune depending on need. At the lowest is a more conservative Stage 1 kit with 700 hp on pump fuel and 1000 hp on race fuel. Stage 2 nets 850 hp pump / 1200 hp race fuel. At the top of the spectrum is Stage 3, capable of a whopping 1200 hp on pump fuel and 1500 hp with race fuel.

The matte red R8 GT demonstrator you see here was on display this week at the Nitto stand. In addition to the full-on Stage 3 engine setup, this particular car also came with 19-inch HRE P43 Monoblock wheels fitted with Nitto Invo tires.

It is unlikely that anybody has ever accused the Audi R8 GT of being a slow car, but like everything else on display at the SEMA Show – where the unofficial motto should be "if there's a will, there's a way" – Underground Racing has proven that fast can also get faster. Starting life as a 560-horsepower R8 GT, Underground Racing has developed four stages for the car ranging from a "mild" 700 hp up to a ridiculously wild 1,000-hp version... and that's just on pump gas.

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