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MX5 NA Miata - How to replace front brake rotors and pads

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In this video I'm hoping to fix a vibration problem. I've tried a few different things to fix this problem like balancing the wheels, changing the lug nuts and even switching to a different set of tires but nothing has worked so far. I think the vibrations are coming from the front of the car so in this video I'm going to replace the front brake rotors and pads. I don't know how long ago this has been done to the car so it's a good thing to replace them anyway and hopefully this will also fix my vibration problem.

Things you will need:
» Gloves (optional)
» Breaker bar (optional)
» Socket wrench
» Socket extension (optional)
» 21mm socket (for lug nuts)
» Jack
» Jack stand
» Penetrating oil
» 14mm socket
» Flat head screwdriver
» Bungee cord or zip tie
» Brake cleaner
» Paper towels
» Old rag
» Hammer (if the rotor is stuck)
» Front rotors and brake pads set (https://goo.gl/efjQrg)
» Wire brush
» High temperature grease (https://goo.gl/K41wPg)
» Torque wrench set to 40 lbf-ft / 55 Nm
» C-clamp with enough leverage/grip
» Spring tensioners and brake caliper clips set (https://goo.gl/KbCYAB)
» Pincer

Music I used:
» Ryan Little - Drop Top (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69hep673oG4)

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