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Monster Hobbies Street Racing League 2016 -1966 Batman Slot Car Track - Race #3&4

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How many of you remember this cool old Batman episode and wanted to build this awesome track? Today I will show you how it's done and race it with our Slot Car league.

Back in 2016, I wanted to run a series of street racing track circuits for our Street Racing league. These tracks ranged from many different city street courses around the world, and one of the tracks I wanted to recreate was the Gotham City Circuit as seen in the 1966 Batman TV show.

In order to build the 1966 Batman TV show track, I had to research the track plan and discover how much room I needed and to know if it could actually be done or not using our modern Carrera 1/32 scale digital track and our four plywood tables.

The first thing I needed was the 1966 Batman TV show track plans. I had seen a picture of the track from an old slot car magazine that was printed at the time of the 1966 Batman TV show on the internet a few months earlier, and I had to find the overhead track plan as well as some more reference pictures. A good Google search got me the pictures that I needed, some from the episode and some from the magazine itself.

The next thing I needed was the track pieces to build the 1966 Batman TV show slot car track. These pieces came from my collection of Carrera Track I had for our Slot Car league. I was just short by 8 straight sections which would have been used on the upper overlapping section of track which has the 180% curve located where Bruce and Dick are standing in the picture. I had to improvise, so the top portion of the track in this video is not quite correct to the 1966 Batman TV show.

Carrera's wireless digital controllers are a lot better than the "wired" controllers seen on the show. If your car comes off the track, you can walk over to it without leaving your controller behind. Another advantage to the digital system from the old analog system that they used on the 1966 Batman TV show, is the ability to switch lanes and pass an opponent. The digital console also has an option where you can advance or decrease your car's engine speed, brakes, call out a pace car, ghost car, and even run out of gas. You can refuel by pulling into the Carrera pit lane.

This track has a lot of elevations to it. I made these by sawing up a 3/4" piece of plywood into various sizes of strips and positioning those under the track where they were needed. I also used some 4" x 4" styrofoam blocks in places. The hardest place to support is the overhanging 180% curve, again where Bruce and Dick are standing. For future tracks, I would like to build a wooden "n" shaped stand and place it under that curve for support.

Good luck in building your own version of this great track and if you want to see how to build our other slot car tracks, please visit us on Patreon and I will personally show you how it's done in our "Master Class" video series!

Please check out our available slot cars at http://www.monster-hobbies.ca
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