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Military jet crashes into house, Indianapolis, Indiana 1960

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Please note, the purpose of my uploading this video is for historical purposes only. It is not here for sensationalism. Insensitive remarks will be removed.

In 1960, on the west side of Indianapolis, a fighter jet crash landed into a home in the Ben Davis area, killing the pilots on board. It was a gloomy day, and my dad who graduated high school not long before this lived a few blocks away from the scene. He grabbed his 8mm movie camera and made his way down to the crash site.

He arrived as the police and fire departments arrived on the scene. In fact he doesn't recall any military personnel arriving until later. But, he started shooting any way, right up on the property line. You could see the tail of the plane sticking out of the house, and investigators on the scene.

I only saw the film once, maybe twice, around 1985 or so. One thing that stood out was just how close he was able to get to the crash. Today the whole area would have been evacuated and you'd probably be lucky to get within a mile of it.

The other day he handed the film to me. So I had it dubbed over to DVD and then uploaded here.

I tried to do some searches on line to see if there was any information on this. Nothing. Found the one about the military jet that crashed into the Ramada Inn at the airport in 87. And the military cargo plane that hit the hotel and restaurant in Evansville, as well some other commercial jet crashes, but no mention anywhere of this.. I find that very curious. But there is a still photograph of this accident on display at the Indiana State Police Museum at 21st and Post Road, Indianapolis. As far as I know, this is the only footage of it that exists...


Just recently, this video was posted on the Facebook page Old Indianapolis Businesses of the Past, and it generated some interest. From it, I received a PFD file from a member who had contacts with the Air Force.

Basically it was a T-33 trainer aircraft (front and back seater- pilot and co-pilot/trainee) The incident occurred 16 March 1960. It was on a flight from
LG Hanscom Field, Bedford,Mass. to Campbell AFB, Hopkinsville, KY.
Front seater was Major D. Cooper; rear seater was 1st LT L. Cogdill. Sadly, neither survived. A lot of things contributed to the accident. They were low on fuel, in which they did run out. The pilots did not receive proper assistance from Gobblin GCI Control, . Also the pilot failed to declare an emergency. There was radio interference from different channels causing some confusion. Also wrong information was given to the pilot from the Indianapolis Tower. To quote the report "Control of the aircraft from Indianapolis Approach Control was completely inadequate and unprofessional in manner. The erroneous positions relative to the airport given to 70556 would have been a definite tendency to instill distrust in the pilot as to the accuracy and dependability of the information given to him."

Along with that the weather was marginal, questioning the judgment of the pilot for filing an extended flight plan. According the report, their destination to Fort Campbell should never have been filed. Finally, the pilots waited too long to eject, possibly hoping for a last ditch effort to save the plane or land in an empty field. The angle of the jet caused the trajectory to be non successful

The footage is raw, show signs of fading and washed out, and may be considered graphic as you will see the dead pilots in it (under tarps) Also the last few seconds are scenes from the Shrine Circus. Those I can't seem to edit out from the video at this point

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