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Lone Star Drift Japan Adventure Pt 1 - D1GP/FIA world championship

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Welcome to the Lone Star Drift 2018 video! This is being broken into sections to make it easier on the editor and the watchers this year! I have already posted several videos from the trip on our page, with Power Vehicles and Robbie Nishida covering things like Japanese vs USA style, and a sampling of the largest collection of drift cars in the world. But those actually took place AFTER this was shot, but were just easier to edit that way. This starts with our group getting off the plane and gathering up, then heading over to D1GP Odaiba to check out a world class drift event... But we ended up missing D1GP by a day and saw FIA instead. I imagine it looked very similar lol.

It was really neat to see so many awesome cars though, like Daigo Saito's Corvette and new BMW Eurofighter from HKG. We also got to see crazy cars like Kawabata's R35 GTR, tons of rad S13, S14, S15 and everything else under the sun. We went and explored the Toyota Museum and saw some rad stuff like the new A80 Toyota Supra prototype called the FT-1. We saw every old school Japanese car under the sun like every model of RX7, Supra, Silvia, Cosmo, and so many others. I just realized someone needs to make a Land Cruiser museum for me lol.

I just want to thank everyone for watching, and all of our Texas Lone Star Drift people for coming out and sharing the experience with me. It is mind blowing to think we have hundreds of thousands of people sharing stuff like this with me, that is so awesome. Thanks everyone!

If you are an Adam Lz fan trying to find him in this video, he is only in it for like 2 seconds, sorry to disappoint you. You will get used to that feeling though.

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