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How to Set Your Sag on your Dirt Bike | Dirt Bike Set Up Tip

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Having the proper amount of suspension sag (commonly refereed to a simply “sag”) is a critical part of setting your dirt bike up to give you the best overall experience when on the track or trail. If not set properly, your bike will not be balanced and the suspension will not work to it’s optimum level. In this video we will talk about a few different tools you can use to set your sag. We will also be talking about the difference between “static” sag, which is the amount the bike sags under it’s own weight (without the rider), and the “rider” sag, or “race” sag, which is the amount the bike sags with the rider on it.

It is very important to check your sag with all of your gear on. Helmet, boots, backpack fully loaded…. etc. I also fill my bikes full of fuel, or at least most of the way. This gives me a more accurate picture of what I’ll weigh when on most of my rides. You will want to check your manual to see how much sag you should be running on your particular dirt bike. Many guys will run anywhere between 100mm of sag up to about 115mm of sag.

Less sag on the rear puts more weight on the front wheel making turning more sharp, but this reduces the high speed stability. When you increase the amount of rear sag, it make the bike feel more stable, but decreases the cornering ability. You’d want to increase your sag when running in sandy conditions. Too much sag will cause your front end to be too light and deflect off bumps and too little sag will cause your shock to be too stiff on bumps.

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