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How To Install LED Headlights (2012 Honda Odyssey) -EricTheCarGuy

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I got this CANBUS LED headlight kit from my friends at Motorfiend.

Link to kit: http://www.motorfiend.com/Single-Beam-G6-2016-LED-Kit/

Link to both high and low beams: http://www.motorfiend.com/G6-2016-led-headlight-kits/

Link to Motorfiend: http://www.motorfiend.com

It's a unique kit in that you can alter the color temperature to suit your taste. I opted for no color temperature change and just installed the bulbs directly. I was VERY happy with the result. I was even happier that the kit was so easy to install. It honestly took me longer to zip tie the resistor blocks in place than it did to install the bulbs.

**Please note that you may not be able to install these headlights into some halogen headlight housings. Check your local laws to see if you're able to legally install this headlight upgrade.

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