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How Owning A Lamborghini Changes Your Life | Owning Exotic Cars Changes Your Life | K.S.O Designs

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How owning a Lamborghini changes your life:

Let's face it guys, who doesn't wanna own a Lamborghini? I do and m pretty sure that you wanna own one too! But do you know that owning a Lamborghini or any other exotic cars changes you life! Yes guys, it changes your life in many many ways! I have a friend who has a 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo and he has shared his experience of owning a Lamborghini with me and it has changed his life in many many ways. So, if you are planning to buy a Lamborghini or any exotic car, things that you should know about how owning a Lamborghini or any exotic car changes your life, coming up!!!

Getting to the first point. The first thing is that everyone assumes that you are the owner wherever you go! Let's say you stop by a coffee shop or a restaurant, you park your Lamborghini in the parking lot. People will come there and start looking around for the owner of the Lamborghini and believe me, in 90% cases, people assume that you are the owner of that particular place. Believe me guys, this does happen.

Second thing is that you will be the center of attention. Wherever you go, people will notice you. Even if you had some people in your college who didn't even talk to you back then will start noticing you and approach you. And not to forget, if there are any car enthusiasts driving on the road and you pass by them in you Lamborghini, they will definitely follow you. My friend tells me that some people have even followed him up to his house.

Number 3, you'll always have people waiting for you surrounding your car when you return from any place. For example, if you take your Lamborghini to a place let's say a store or a restaurant, whenever you'll leave the place, you'll see people surrounding your car and taking pictures of it! Hear it start up. Some of them will even start talking you, start asking questions about the car and would be curious to know what you do for a living and so on. So, you'll have to get used to that sort of attention.

Next one is that you will develop fans as well as hater. By fans I mean to say that if you bought a Lamborghini, you are surely to upload a picture of her on Facebook or Instagram Twitter or any social media. One you do that and as people start noticing you that you have a Lamborghini and you post pictures or videos of your car on any social media, they'll start following you and you'll have a fanbase of people who follow you and are curious to see the pictures of your Lamborghini. Just like you have a fanbase, you'll also have hater. People who will hate you for having a Lamborghini. They'll be jealous of you and start judging you in many ways.

The next one is quite funny and also sometimes annoying. The thing is, if you go out for a lunch or dinner at a restaurant, and you park your Lamborghini in the front of the restaurant, once the waiting staff or the managing staff comes to know that you are the owner of the car, you are sure to get special treatment from them. By special treatment, I mean to say that they will come to you and ask you whether you are comfortable or not and will try to sweet talk to you and try to make sure that you'll come back at that place.

The last one is that if you are a small business owner and you own a Lamborghini then, it gives you a source ofcredibility. It shows that you are successful and that is very very helpful for you. There are also some cases that having a Lamborghini or any exotic car will negatively impact you. For example let me take KSO designs for an instance. Since I have a YouTube channel and I do car reviews and let's say if I own a Lamborghini, let's say I walk into a Mercedes or BMW showroom. Ask the manager that I have to review some of their cars, do you think that the manager will most likely listen to me and my proposal if I drive in my Chevrolet beat or in a Lamborghini? Obviously the Lamborghini.So, that's how owning a Lamborghini makes you credible and helps you in your business!

So, that's how owning a Lamborghini or any exotic car changes your life in many many ways!

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