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How Much Did My $200 Acura TL Actually Cost?

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In this video I summarize the work that I did to my $200 Acura TL to make it roadworthy. I also share how much those repairs cost. You might be surprised by the result.

This is Episode 10 in the Acura TL Series.

Episode 9: https://youtu.be/AOiB5ePMS_8

This video concludes the 2008 Acura TL series #ETCGBlackura.

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Inner Fender Liners: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07QN89LSM

Parts for other repairs are linked in the descriptions of those videos.

Links (Special Thanks To)

Michelin Tires: https://www.michelinman.com/home

Nokian Tires: https://www.nokiantires.com

Kiss Auto Glass: http://www.kissautoglass.com

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