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Girl survives semi crash in 50-car pile-up near Conway Missouri. Shows aftermath of I44 pile-up.

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Video shows aftermath of 50-car pile-up in Missouri. Here is a link to what happened right before this video
was shot. http://www.ky3.com/content/news/DASHCAM--473841663.html . Also here s a link
to the white trucks dash cam that was in front of me. http://www.ky3.com/content/news/Dash-cam-captures-initial-moments-of-pile-up-crash-near-Cownay-473230083.html
Let me explain what happened...
Around 2:30 pm Sunday Feb 4th, 3 hours before Superbowl LII.
I was driving on I-44 with snow blowing sideways. Everyone around me was driving around 45 mph when i topped the hill (around half a mile long) at mile marker 105.6. I came over the hill and I saw a pile-up of vehicles at the bottom. So I started to apply brakes slowly and nothing happened. Then i started pumping my brakes very quickly and wasn't slowing down because of the slope of the hill and ice under snow. Right then I knew I was going to hit something at the bottom, just didn't know what. So I started to aim over to the left shoulder thinking it might be a little rougher to slow me down and also thought everyone behind me would probably be going down the middle. I just kept pumping brakes and ended up two to three feet behind the white pickup on the left shoulder next to guardrail. Looked over to right where girl had rear ended semi and saw her look up and and she noticed semi coming straight at her. As you will see in white truck dash cam, she initially got out of car right after she crashed then got back in car to text boyfriend about wreck. That's when she looked up and semi was headed straight at her. She jump's out, semi see's her and veers off to the right around 2-3 feet, she falls down, semi smashes into her car and door swings over her just missing her. I was in shock to see how close to death that girl was. She was probably the luckiest person out there.After semi hit's her car an RV slams into back of semi then swings around and barely clips back corner of my car. After that it was crash after crash behind me.

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