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ford explorer and ford ranger four wheeling

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Ford explorer 4x4 and Ford ranger 4x4 four wheeling in the woods. More from this day...
A little bit of mud and creek crossing in this week's video. This is part one of four of our 4 wheel trip on Easter Sunday at the old farm trail.
In part one we make the desent in to the trail the start is a little rocky creek crossing followed by to more crossing that will test the aproch and departure angle of most stock rigs. The ranger has no problems with the crossing, but the explorer has a little trouble with the aproch on the first one and a little problems with departure on the third crossing. On the other side of the third crossing a tree is there to meet you on the passenger side of your rig, in the case of the explorer the mirror took a shot and got busted off. With the wires still hooked up we flopped inside the window and on we went. The ranger had much more control and just lightly bumped the mirror but no real damage. On to the 4th drop in to the creek, this used to have a log over the top of the drop off but in the last trip to the farm we had to cut it out to get the explorer out so a much easer crossing, just a little bit of water nothing to fancy. Notice the tire in the back round there are more about the woods at the farm just some neat back round scenery. The next drop off you see is a new part of the trail we made that day, with a tree down in the normal trail we had to make a new part and we took this opprotuney to put one of the lesser cameras in harms way for a cool shot. About took the camera out on the first pass with the explorer but with the second pass with the ranger we got the shot we were looking for. We did winch the explorer off the dirt and that was the last time the winch worked. So down the creek we went to the big bad hill at the end. We have been tearing up this hill for years and have made some big ruts. I took some pretty good runs at it with the explorer and got some good air, but never got to the top. The ranger on the other hand made it on the second try and got the front tires off the ground pretty high, what we did not get is at the top of the hill the ranger hit a few trees and dinged up the doors but that stuff happens when you four wheel. I put the last part in with the ranger going down the hill just to help put to scale how steep that hill is.
The blue Ford explorer is a 2000 with about 166,000 on the clock, two door, five speed, four wheel drive. Under the hood is OHV 4.0 with a cool air intake and the muffler is gone, it runs a transfer case from a 92 explorer, has a 3.27 ring and pinon, 31 10.5 mix match mud tires, and a 1.25 inch lift. The lift is a shackle lift in the rear and a torsion bar crank in the front, also made a custom skid plate in the front witch we got from a full size rig and cut down to fit the narrow explorer frame. The rear diff. is welded to make a spool and the winch on the front is broke. The explorer has seen lots of abuse and will see much more.
The black Ford ranger is a 96 with about 120,000 miles, it has a 4.0 v6 with a cool air intake and a 3 inch flow master exaust, 5 speed manual transmission and a custom suspension. The front axle is a danna 30 out of a jeep with a 4 link and a arb locker. The rear is a stock 8.8 with a detriot locker, and the gears are 4.10 spinning a set of 33 12.5 bfg mud tires. A set of custom bumper round out the ranger.

This trip was on Easter Sunday after all the family stuff it was time to do a little wheeling . The weather was a little cool and we had some rain and snow melt so we knew it would be a little slick, so never a better time to go tear it up you have to love the mud. The location was the same old farm trail we go to because it is close to home. A great trail to test new thing and make sure everything is ready for the next big trip.
So this is just part one of four, much more Ford explorer and ranger 4x4 action to come. .......THANKS FOR WATCHING.........

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