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how to clean the engine bay of your car
how to clean the engine bay of your car fast

Hey Guys! I was detailing my friends ferrari 458 and usually I do a quick engine wipe down on these cars because it really helps to improve the over all look after a detail. I wanted to make a video on a fast and easy way to do an engine clean to help impress your super car clients!

This isn't a full engine detail but it will make everything within view look very nice. Customers notice little things like this or they may feel it looks incomplete without it. The visibility of supercar engines through the rear hatches has always been a cool feat, but when left dirty they can make the car look not so hot!

Its nice to have those wrinkle red ferrari 458 intake manifolds looking bright and to have the trim wiped and dressed. I use shine supply solution diluted about 3:1, although jeremy stevens of shine supply recommends that you do a 1:1 ratio for engine cleaning with the Solution all purpose cleaner, but as I use solution regularly on other things I did not want to make up a 50/50 bottle that I might not use often.

Spray down everything in the bay and let it sit for a few minutes, do not be worried about electronics or anything as we are going to thoroughly blow dry the engine bay when we're done. Once you've left the product sit for a bit, go over everything with detail brushes to agitate all the dirt and work in the product. If you're doing a rinseless / sudsless wash like me you'll be wiping down by hand with your rags next, if you have a pressure washer you can go ahead and wash everything down although this method will definitely add some additional time to drying.

Make sure everything is clean and you've wiped down everything within view and the grab out your air blower, I use the air blaster side kick from detailing.com and thoroughly blow everything out until you can't see any liquid coming out of any cracks or crevices. Once you have completed this next step is dress up the plastics and add a bit of shine to the engine bay. I use my shine supply decked out tire dressing in this one but you can use any trim gel or restore you have on deck also. Let your product absorb and then wipe down any residue!

Congratulations! the engine is now done and looking nice! You've just added a nice finishing touch to your exotic car detail and impressed your client!

It only took about 5-8 minutes too right? Not so bad.

Are exotic cars fun to work on? Yes and no. I get asked a lot how I get these nice cars, it just comes randomly usually and from referrals. You generally can't charge much more for them and its nerve racking to work on them even years later because its just so much money in your hands and even breaking something as small as an air vent in the interior can cost ya a pretty penny. I wouldn't turn down any exotic car but i don't go searching for them anymore, if they come, they come. My main interest is just correcting cars and making money!

Hope you enjoyed!

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