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Don't park in front of people's driveway!

Added by AutomotiveUploads
We always have people parking their cars in front of our driveway, by the time we call the traffic warden or the tow truck the car owners turn up and remove their vehicles.

This car has been parked all morning today, finally i've had sweet success! Lesson learnt for this car owner, don't park in front of people's driveways or face a £65 fine + £200 for a tow!

Traffic wardens aren't so bad after all if you utilize them properly. This is the first of many cars to come! I will have you impounded!

Bring it on!

EDIT for all the sheep commenting below telling me it's illegal.

1. We paid for the driveway to be built specifically for our needs.

2. With parked cars on the other side, anybody blocking the driveway the slightest makes it very difficult to near impossible to get a large 7 seater in/out.

3. If this was illegal the council would not have enforced it nor would they have sent out a pickup truck and have it removed.

4. We are citizens of this country, like car owners; home owners have rights too. I am exercising my rights, i am not going to allow any tom dick and harry obstruct me from getting in / out of my own home.

5. All you sheep drivers who are commenting against this video below... you may think you know how to drive but you don't know the rules of the road. If it were me i'd revoke your driving licenses and make you take your theory test again with a minimum pass mark of 95%. Then and only then can you come and tell me what's right and what isn'y.

For all those sheep drivers out with no brains, here's the Highway Code for you.

Highway Code Rule 243

Parking in front of drop kerbs has been against the rules in London since Section 14 of the London Local Authorities and Transport for London Act 2003 came into force.

"Part 6 of the Traffic Management Act 2004 repeals section 14 and gives all local authorities in England with civil parking enforcement powers the ability to take action when a vehicle is parked alongside a dropped kerb in a Special Enforcement Area (that is, an area where parking is, in all other instances, permitted)."

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