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DEMONIC CRESTA! This is Real, RAW Japanese Street Drifting.

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Drift Hunter Nights Highsnobiety.com Night
Episode info below the fold!
This is a raw clip from this DRIFT HUNTER NIGHTS episode:
PART 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QCkgCGy9M4
PART 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2QoZR3tXmQ

********** MESSAGE TO NEW VIEWERS **********
If this is your first video on my channel, then first I want to thank you for clicking this video and giving my channel a chance.

If you're confused about what this channel is about, essentially I'm making a documentary series about the real life equivalent of Initial D; real street racing and drifting in and around Gunma, Japan. Here`s the first ep:

My goal is to make this the most LEGIT car channel on YouTube! Please check out my other videos and decide if my channel is worth subscribing to.

********** ABOUT DRIFT HUNTER NIGHTS **********
Drift Hunter Nights,is a spin-off series to the main documentary, where I take you with me on nights out filming. It's kind of like a vlog-u-mentary.

Hey, Drifthunters, Albo here.
If you dont know, this video is a raw clip from the Drift Hunter NIghts High Snobiety night episode. Make sure to watch Part 1 if you havent yet. This is the article that the video was about:

I'll briefly explain why this video is called the Demonic Cresta.
Well, first it might be pretty obvious, what with the hell-themed interior color scheme and the insane frenetic driving.

But beyond that, this Cresta actually has a very subtle demon theme. First of all, it was originally red, so the inside is of the engine bay is still the original body color. Secondly, the car has horns on the hood that glow red!!!. I should have taken a closer shot of them because they were so badass. Next time I meet this Ghost Rider, I will do a full tour of the car.

********** PLEASE VISIT MY PATREON PAGE **********

Guys, I've decided that I'm going to take a more direct and honest approach with you, my viewers. And part of that real talk has to do with something most Youtubers are not that willing to talk about - money.

The thing with Youtube ad-revenue is that it's a complete joke, and the only way smaller channels can earn an income worth the time spent is with lots of low quality content, or sponsored content. I dont wanna play that game. I want to make the best videos possible for you, my viewers, but making good videos takes a ton of time, effort and money.

Thus, I recently started a Patreon to help with the costs of producing these videos. There's tons of costs like: monthly music licensing subscription costs, Adobe Creative Cloud monthly subscription, web hosting, as well as gas for travelling and the cost of my time (hundreds of hours scripting, shooting, editing).

A lot of my fellow YouTuber friends are using Patreon so that their audience can support them directly. If you feel that my content is worth it then please have a look at my Patreon page and help me grow Drift Hunter. Let's make awesome vids together:

********** WHERE TO FOLLOW FOR UPDATES **********
As you guys may have figured out by now, I'm pretty bad with new videos every week. It takes a massive amount of time and effort to put out these videos to my standard. However, I'm pretty active on Instagram and Twitter so please follow me there:

You can also check out the website, which I spent dozens of hours working on, yet is admittedly a bit sparse on content right now, haha.

********** THANKS FOR WATCHING **********
Okay, that's it! A huge thank you for watching and supporting my channel. You guys rock and I really appreciate your comments.

Here's a prize for reading everything, a wallpaper:

And hey, I have a special request. Please comment to let me know this:

Do you want to see more of these videos with just RAW footage, or with Eurobeat, or BOTH versions?

Comment I AM A PINEAPPLE if you read this whole thing. Then go about your day and wear this knowledge like a badge of honour, you glorious pineapple-san you.

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