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Cop Rams High School Students Car In School Parking Lot -- Police Man's Superior Driving Skills

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For those with no sense of humor, fast forward to 3:00 to skip the sarcastic commentary.
More here https://youtu.be/hMPXHD09zWY

The girl was returning to school from an internship. She, nor did the rest of the school, know of any lockdown. Only a few staff members knew at that time.

To all those who think I hate cops, I don't. I'm pro good cop. I'm anti bad cop. I have several friends who are cops. I know we need police but not the kind we expose. We expose individuals and corrupt systems for all of your benefits and your kids benefits and their kids benefits. To help uncloud the minds of people and show you the reality of tyranny that people are subjective to everyday. To educate who ever wishes to learn what there rights are and how to stand up for them and prevent their rights from being violated. How to fight back instead of giving in like sheep. To quit letting these bad cops get the good cops killed. To quit letting police get away with murder. To quit extorting the very citizens who pay their salary. Remember, they are public servants. They work for us until a law has been broken.

Please go to Southern Illinois Public Observers to see the whole video.
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