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Car Negotiation Tips 6 - The Authority Limits Tactic

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http://www.negotiationdynamics.com/Newcar.asp This is a standard ploy where the salesperson says, "I'll have to go ask the sales manager." What he is in effect saying is, "I don't have the authority to make a deal with you. I have to get permission from somebody else." This tactic is often combined with a good guy/bad guy tactic where the salesperson plays the role of the good guy and the sales manager is the bad guy refusing to accept your offer. There are several ways to handle the authority limit tactic. One is to accept it and simply treat the salesperson as a messenger. For example, you might play the broken record game, repeating your initial offer and telling the sales representative that he'll have to do better. When he says he can't, then you might tell him to "go talk to his manager." When he finally comes to a price that you can accept, tell him that you want the sales manager to confirm that he will stand by it. A second approach would be to demand to talk directly to the sales manager, bypassing the sales representative.

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