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Brimbank Garbage and Recycle The Old 262 and 282

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One morning during the Christmas Holidays of 2016/2017 I set out at about 9:00AM around Keilor and instantly found Acco Raptor 330 on Green Waste and Isuzu Raptors 327 and 323 on Garbage. Got plenty of video, and deleted it all by accident like an idiot via iMovie, because I was to eager to edit the video and didn't have my laptop to edit the video. I deleted the videos of camera roll without saving iMovie project. Still hold that against iMovie to this day :P.

Anyway, so to redeem myself I went out the next week an got 262 Gen V and Isuzu Raptor 327 on garbage and 282 Gen V and 320 Isuzu Raptor on recycling. The raptor footage of 320 is already uploaded. One thing I severely dislike about Keilor (Patterson Av area) is that as soon as you find a truck collecting Garbage (327), and there is still plenty of bins to collect a second truck comes out of no where (264) and polishes the area off in what feels like seconds!

These trucks featuring in the video along with all Acco raptors and Gen V`s were all replaced by Isuzu Raptors in 2018. This is a good thing for physical appearance but not for interest sake since you know what truck you will film no matter what. The new Isuzu Raptor trucks from 2018 feature a Green Reduce Reuse Recycle instead of the 2016 Isuzu Raptors which feature it in yellow. I have footage of 329 and 282 collecting Green- Waste and 262 and 263 collecting Garbage (Isuzu raptors). Recorded in early 2020. So like when they had a full fleet of Isuzu Sidepaks they now have a full fleet of Isuzu Raptors.

However, I hope you enjoy this 3 year old footage of these trucks as the are no longer collecting on the streets of Brimbank. Thanks to all drivers in the video as well.

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