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BMW E30 M20B25 Engine Rebuild Restoration - Time-Lapse | Part 3

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In this episode, I start by taking the main parts to https://rectidama.es/ for machining. They will be filming the entire process as I cannot due to insurance reasons. That video is coming soon! I then start sorting through all of the parts left for me to restore or replace. I then realize how boring it would be to see each process done on 40 parts. So I decided to restore one thing at a time starting with the rocker cover. The thing that started restore it off. Enjoy!

So some of you are rightfully confused about the touring and the 325i Sport. Just to clear it up... This is the engine from the touring. I own the black 325i sport and the silver touring. I have already restored the engine from the 325i sport before I started youtube. I'm now, more thoroughly restoring the engine from the touring to put into the 325i sport, because of how more through this restoration is going to be. I will return the old engine from the 325i back into the touring at the end of this series. I hope this clears it up :)

Thanks to FCPEuro.com for supplying parts for this restoration and supporting the channel.

Tools & equipment used:

Quartz Lacquer - https://goo.gl/8PTVKM
Base Coat Paint - https://goo.gl/mWhufG
Rust Remover - https://goo.gl/13gopW
Fast Mover 1kW Infrared Paint Dryer, Stand, Timer - https://bit.ly/2WYR9jJ
Workbenches - https://arborgardensolutions.co.uk
Moldex Full Face Mask - https://goo.gl/NNYGrv
FGL 5 Spray gun - https://goo.gl/Acg5rd
A.N.I. R150-T Mini Spray gun - https://goo.gl/cHTJS2
Colad Washable Overalls - https://goo.gl/3Css9E
Colad Mixing Cups - https://goo.gl/8DYmE8
Colad TurboMix Sticks - https://goo.gl/cYZfks
Colad Synthetic Paint Strainers - https://goo.gl/H79ZgL
Steel wire bits - http://geni.us/keyaD
Blasting Cabinet - https://bit.ly/2GxvKJ7
Blasting pot - https://bit.ly/32TMnrU
Cordless Ratchet - https://bit.ly/30YNlkG
Parts Wahser - https://bit.ly/2K5G9wA
Rotary Tool - http://geni.us/HGed
Concentrate Degreaser - http://geni.us/yUn9
Mannesmann Socket Set - http://geni.us/HCDZ

Time Stamps:

00:00 - Taking the main parts to https://rectidama.es
00:35 - All of the parts left
01:21 - EmanualOnline.com
02:42 - The parts I'm going to restore
02:54 - The parts I'm going to be replacing thanks to FCPEuro.com
03:11 - Making a list of parts that need shot blasting
03:45 - Dismantling those parts further
04:37 - Degreasing some parts
05:53 - Dismantling the Intake manifold
07:14 - More parts degreasing
07:37 - Focusing on the rocker cover
09:06 - Filling the bents
09:49 - Making the holes
10:55 - Etching primer
11:28 - Quartz High build primer
12:26 - flattening the primer
12:21 - Quartz Deep black base coat
14:08 - Removing the pain from the top
14:57 - Quartz crystal clear lacquer
16:07 - Demasking
16:34 - Shots of the rocker cover
16:54 - Demasking and fixing some paint errors
17:16 - Everything left for me to restore
17:22 - EmanualOnline
17:27 - FCPEuro.com

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