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BendPak LIFT FAILURE THREATENS LIVES Companies dodge responsibility!!!

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This video shows our BendPak Inc. lift after it spontaneously dropped, a cable loosened, and one of the posts was bent from the pressure. While our Dad was in the shop he was thankfully about ten feet away and fell down but was not injured directly by the life-threatening failure of this lift. Here are the details:

We are a family owned car dealership in Hammonton, NJ. We have been here for 19 years.
We have had our own vehicle above-ground lifts for the past 10 years.

We decided to add another lift to our 4-bay shop and had the company
Garage Equipment Sales and Service, Inc. out of Glendora NJ install a BendPak 4-post Above Ground HD9XW lift in our shop. This lift is rated for 9000 lbs.

The lift had been installed for twenty days when the following happened:

We were getting ready to shut down for the day and decided we would lower the lift from an elevated state to lower down for the nighttime, while it was holding a 2002 Chevy 2500HD Silverado (weighing under 7000 lbs).

As the five members of us who operate the business have all been operating lifts for the past decade. Our father Avi lowered the lift down to about 2 feet off the ground as we normally do always.

Approx two minutes later Dad came back into the shop to grab a document left behind, and while the shop was nearly pitch dark he was startled by the sudden sound of the lift dropping, causing him to fall to the floor.

Going over to the lift we discovered that one of the corners of the lift had dropping, and the vehicle thankfully was only tilted but hadn't fallen off completely. Obviously had this happened while the lift was still elevated higher it would have been a tragic situation in more ways than one. Extremely life threatening equipment failure.

The following day we reached out to the installing company (Garage Equipment Sales and Service Inc.) , and later on to the manufacturer of the lift (BendPak Inc) both of which are attempting to shake off responsibility of the event and blaming it on user error.
This claim is absurd as one - no one was operating the lift when it dropped. two - Avi and all of us are very well versed with how to safely lower a lift without fault. three - REGARDLESS of anything Bendpak could claim any used would do "wrong" or by "error", a lift holding a vehicle should never EVER simply drop. There are supposedly precautionary safety features on this and every professional lift which are intended to keep this very thing from happening under any circumstances.

BendPak Inc and Garage Equip Sales+Svc ought to be ashamed of their product and service, and we are calling out anyone who is considering purchasing any lift or garage equipment to refrain from doing business with these companies.

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