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Bad Drivers Dashcam Compilation #289 - Crashes and Dumb Public Shenanigans

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Welcome to compilation #289 featuring the worst drivers of St Helena, Napa Valley California and beyond. See the driving fails, the road rage, the close calls, the utter stupidity, the horn honking and the roadway drama we have to put up with every day. We also featured two crashes in this episode.

In this exciting episode, featured are the towns and cities of Napa, St Helena and Fairfield. We also featured the cities, states, countries and regions of South Carolina, Cleveland Ohio, San Diego, Toronto Canada, UK and Jerusalem Israel.

We start off with an epic d-bag of a driver who can't bother with people in front of him who stop for stop signs. So he recklessly blows around me. Then some genius thinks it's a great idea to stop traffic on the highway so he can blindly reverse. Some highly impatient jerk weaves through traffic, cuts me off and then cheats traffic. We captured a close call with a driver who almost blows a red light with traffic in the intersection. Then he does the "reverse of shame."

A green light slacker gets double honked. Then some moron pulls out in front of a guy pulling a load going 55 mph on Silverado Trail. On Highway 29, a very last second decision and cut across all lanes. We captured a dump truck pulling out when it wasn't clear and then driving too slowly. A lady tries to go into a parking lot the wrong way, realizes her mistake and holds up traffic while correcting herself.

A driver gets honked at in the drive thru for not moving up fast enough. Some complete incompetent bozo blocks a lane of traffic because he/she didn't get in the turn lane. Then we captured a bunch of extremely impatient drivers who pass us going over the limit already with some of the passes illegal. We encountered a driver who keeps cutting people off. A lady in a parking lot doesn't know the dimensions of her vehicle and swings way too wide for a turn, getting in peoples' way.

A man fumbles for the proper lane. Then some jackass tourist makes an illegal U-turn and cuts off traffic. We captured a driver running a red and another driver stopping on a green. In our submitted clips, they include multiple drivers driving on the wrong side of the road to cheat traffic. Then an accident at high speed. Luckily nobody was hurt. Then a low-speed fender bender in downtown Toronto.

In our extras segment, we captured our very first CHP California Highway Patrol traffic break; something I've never witnessed in person. There was some sort of injury collision near the Imola Avenue exit on Highway 29. Enjoy the show!!

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