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Armageddon Twin Turbo Kit On Silverado - Dealer Mechanics Flip Out - Armageddon Twin Turbo Power

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Dave Rachou takes the dealer mechanics on a ride in our Silverado that has Armageddon twin turbo kit installed.

He tells the mechanics that there is a problem when he is downshifting and there is this whistling noise coming from the engine and he can't figure out what that sound is.

He starts to take off with the techs in the truck and they hear the sound and are wondering what that sound is also.

Then he lets his right foot push that pedal to the floor and that Silverado takes off like a shot.

The expressions and the sounds that the mechanics make is priceless.

THIS IS A MUST SEE VIDEO. Show the power of the Armageddon twin turbo kit and what it can do to YOUR truck.

Call today to learn what Armageddon can do for you!!!

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