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All New Honda CBR1000RRR 220HP Superbike 2020 model | Honda CBR1000RRR Triple R 2019 2020

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The all-new superbike Honda CBR1000RRR 2020 unveiled - Honda CBR1000RRR 4-cylinder 220HP

Japan has just released a digital build, predicting the appearance of the Honda CBR1000RRR supercar, according to this page, the new CBR1000RRR will have a more aggressive design while also improving the engine and equipment.

According to Young Machine's inference, Honda CBR1000RRR will possess sharp, sharp lines, especially masks and bibs, that give the supercar a pitiful, fierce look.

The car is equipped with standard LED headlamps, along with navigation lights, while, the car is integrated with many wind holes cut very sporty to help cool the engine and connect more notes. At the rear, the rear is designed to be slim and neat, the saddle is styled like other super models.

Young Machine said that Honda CBR1000RRR will have many new standard equipment, including the new completely lighter but more sturdy frame than the old frame, the rear aluminum and the Marchesini alloy wheels. Also helping to optimize vehicle weight, these tires are encased in Bridgestone Battlax tires.

Honda CBR1000RRR 2019 (Triple R) completely new SuperBike has revealed the first detailed images of the top car magazine design in Japan. CBR1000RRR (Triple R) is the most advanced version produced commercially for the CBR1000RR.

Honda CBR1000RRR 2019 is completely new with the name of up to 3 characters R. This is representative of the word Racing the most advanced version with the maximum capacity will be up to more than 220 horsepower.

Photos revealed Honda CBR1000RRR 2019 (Triple R) 220 HP coming soon

Latest design photos of CBR1000RRR 2019 (Triple R). The new look has many changes compared to the CBR1000RR SP1 or SP2 model which is being distributed by Honda in the global market.

Photos revealed Honda CBR1000RRR 2019 (Triple R) 220 HP coming soon
Photos revealed Honda CBR1000RRR 2019 (Triple R) 220 HP coming soon
The headlight design has been changed, along with the two sides of the car with more wind holes to create a sportier and more angular line.

A completely new tail with an impressive design, a solitary saddle is very eye-catching. Sport and track have been shown on this commercial version CBR1000RRR 2019.

The exhaust pipe of the car is also completely upgraded with a neat design, suitable for the overall car. At the same time, to meet strict Euro 4 emission standards in the European market.

The all-new front suspension adds an oil-powered power system

This all-new Honda CBR1000RRR 2019 cylinder is expected to increase to 81mm, 6mm longer than the current Honda CBR1000RR (75mm) cylinder size. In addition, the 2019 CBR1000RRR is likely to be equipped with a completely new V4 engine by Honda.

This all-new Honda CBR1000RRR 2019 will be a direct competitor to the Ducati Panigale V4 R (221 HP) or Kawasaki Ninja H2 (227.8 HP). Information about the current Honda CBR1000RRR (Triple R) 2019 model is still on the image, no official confirmation information from Honda

Operation of the new Honda motorbike will be supported by the Showa inverted pair in front, combined with Nissin brakes. The rear suspension is a single-cylinder spring suspension, the rear brake is a disc brake, and comes with a high-performance Brembo brake clamp. The CBR1000RRR has a dual-head exhaust pipe that produces ear-like sounds.

According to the Japanese magazine, Honda CBR1000RRR continues to use 4-cylinder engines like the current CBR1000RR - but improved with an 81mm cylinder diameter (instead of 75mm as on CBR1000RR), thus, piston stroke - On the engine of the CBR1000RRR will be reduced to help the car achieve higher speed, higher torque when in the big cycle.

This upgrade on the CBR1000RRR will entail many new points, such as the vehicle's exhaust valve system must also be tweaked. Vehicles will apply variable valve technology to ensure good acceleration in every range of rewinding machines, and equipped with forced-air Ram Air technology, which helps increase combustion and explosion performance of fuel inside the chamber. burning.

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