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488 Pista - New Ferrari 488 Pista 2020 Review ( video )

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488 Pista - New Ferrari 488 Pista 2020 Review ( video )
REVIEW : https://youtu.be/AQvhas-yhZM
I only have a few serious alone time in Maranello with Ferrari 488 Pista, a car that will start around $350.050 when it comes to $350.050 when it comes to this winter. Ferrari was only still able to ride and is back in time for lunch at Ristorante Cavallino next to the factory. Press pilot it is never put back, and there is always another media member put along when a drive partner who needs to listen to your nonsense, but they are also waiting for their chance to row, ready to steal your sitting time.

Take the 488 so attractive for the next level of performance, still delicious on the road.
We want more screen and less bark of the engine, we Matt rich cut the check.
Without talking a passenger, I dropped myself into my head with questions, now you get to hear. How do people open the shadows on planes when there is turbulence? Expecting a construction crew? Or if exactly in our lives it doesn't become a smoking apron? I think it happens around the age of 10.

Yet time alone can be very special, and the 488 Pista is such special.

Except it hasn't called Special. It is the 488 Pista — pista is Italian for "Track " — and this is the fourth in a series of limited, track versions of Ferrari's mid-engine V-8 two-seater. The first was the 360 Challenge of 2004 Stradale, a car so good you felt you really needed to do more with your life. Next up is the 430 Scuderia, another flattened, ridiculously fast and rare Ferrari we tested in Italy in 2009 as part of a comparison test with an Audi R8 v10. Not that Scuderia floor mats or windows that opened. The Audi. The Audi lost. The 458 special result. It lived more than its name.

Half a transplant
With the last diesel exhaust pipe Ivco truck out of the way, my mind assumes to think of new mail passwords — I'm so over my dogs and on my friend's pets — and focus on the power of the Pista engine. A dry double turbglass with 3.9-litre V 8 bolts deep in the middle of the car. Compared to the centerpiece of the 488GTB on which the Pista is based, 50 percent of the parts of the Pista engine are new. A lighter crankshaft and a flywheel that instills lighter titanium connection poles with a claimed 17 per cent reduction in inertia. The compression ratio increased from 9.4 to 9.6:1: 1, and more aggressive cams work with shorter inlet runners and its new Inconel debris, which sets acids and weighs less than the GTB's player unit 21 pounds. Ferrari found an extra 49bhp and fell nearly 40 pounds from the V-8. Overall, Ferrari claims he is a 176 pound weight reduction compared to the GTB. First, select for the carbon fiber wheels, a Ferrari and the weight by another 22 pounds.

488 Pista - New Ferrari 488 Pista 2020 Review ( video ) Clikc here : new car release date, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3PXhUkH4OnoYCXBDzs__ig?sub_confirmation=1
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