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10 Future Motorcycles YOU MUST SEE | Top 10 coolest concept bikes/motorbikes for future

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Here are some of the fastest, expensive and crazy concept bikes in the world.The futures of bikes also here. Here we have found the most interesting Modern Concept Bikes the world has to offer.

List 10 Crazy Concept Bikes To Ride In Future

1. Suzuki G-Strider
The bike features feet forward riding position, a lower seat which gives the comfort of riding a scooter handle bars, footrest, backrest all electrically adjustable when the bike is in motion, a 916cc engine.

2. Victory Vision 800
It has an 800cc, parallel-twin engine with a continuously variable transmission. Therefore, there is no clutch and gear shifting all the foot controls to the handle bars.

3. Suzuki Biplanes
The Suzuki Biplane concept uses a semi-exposed V4 engine for power, and a girder-type front end. The cylinder heads and exhaust headers are on the rear sides which are inspired by the biplanes.

4. Ferrari V4 Motorcycle
The Ferrari V4 Motorcycle Concept features hand controls adapted from a F-16 Fighter Jet and buttons based on the Formula 1 racers.

5. Swordfish Motorcycle
The Swordfish Motorcycle concept by Alexander Kotlyarevsky sports an aggressive futuristic design and hubless wheels.

6. Harley Davidson Circa 2020
This futuristic bike has hubless wheels and a closer look reveals the 883cc engine, handle bars attached to the front wheel and not the gas tank.

7. Honda V4
Introduced at INTERMOT Cologne 2008, the V4 Concept featured and ultra-sleek engine and wheels that, although abstract and thus nonfunctional are more than mere objects dart.

8. Bat Pod
Designed by Nathan Crowley, this futuristic bike is powered by a high-performance, water-cooled, single-Cylinder engine.

9. Icare Concept Motorcycle
Designed by Enzyme in Paris for Honda, this futuristic motorbike is powered by a 6 cylinder 1800cc engine.

10. Dodge Tomahawk
The Dodge Tomahawk has a massive, partially exposed Viper engine, 4 oversized wheels, fully silver metal body, and a top speed of 300 mph.

Top 10 coolest concept bikes/motorbikes for future!!!
These are some of the fastest bikes and most expensive bikes in the world.The future in bikes may already be here, at least on paper. We've found the most interesting Modern Concept Bikes the world has to offer.
Bikes like dodge tomahawk which is consider to the fastest bikes/motorbikes in the world can hit top speed of 300mph which is more than the fastest production cars in the world.A concept vehicle/bikes, show vehicle/bike and a prototype is a car/bike made to showcase new styling and/or new technology. They are often shown at motor shows to gauge customer reaction to new and radical designs which may or may not be mass-produced. indeed they are beautiful an stunning and might be one of the most expensive car in the word or the most expensive bikes in the world when came out in market

motorcycles on the list:
dodge tomahawk,honda v4,harley davidson circa 2020,suzuki g strider,victory vision 800,suzuki biplane,ferrari v4 motorcycle,swordfish motorcycle,batpod(batsmen bike)


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